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James Grimm

James Grimm received his early education at the University of North Dakota and the Medical College of Wisconsin. His interest in public health began following a senior year medical student experience at the Maudsley Institute in London. Dr. Grimm completed a residency in adult psychiatry and a fellowship in child psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. Additional training there included psychiatric epidemiology as part of a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Dr. Grimm was a community child psychiatrist in Eugene, Oregon for 26 years. He valued working in the public sector where access to care is often critical in promoting good health outcomes. For this reason, his clinical interests evolved to serve the needs of foster children, minority youth, and incarcerated juveniles. After reading the New York Times article, The Chains of Mental Illness in West Africa, Dr. Grimm went to Benin in January 2020 where the suffering of the mentally ill became quite explicit. He decided to support the tremendous mission of Saint Camille Association, which has developed and grown a system of mental health care in Benin, Togo, and Ivory Coast with limited aid. Treatment Not Chains intends to provide support by harnessing the vast resources within the United States.

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